The only name in home improvement you need to know.

Looking for help with your home improvement project? Whether it’s painting, tiling, remodeling, or home repairs, B. Young Renovation has you covered. We pride ourselves on providing professional work that’s done right the first time.

Choosing a home improvement specialist can be daunting and the choices are endless. That’s why we make it easy to see why so many choose us for their home improvement projects.

  • We guarantee we’ll call you back within 24 hours of your call to us – that’s if we happen to miss your call – something we try never to do.
  • We’re insured
  • We have loads of happy clients willing to be our references – ask us for our most recently completed jobs.
  • We make a point to communicate with each client daily with job status and updates.
  • Out of sight out of mind – we clean up after ourselves at the end of each workday.
  • We know our business depends on happy clients and we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction and building a long-term relationship.
  • Our owner personally oversees ever single job and when he’s not doing the work he stops by each job site at least once a day to ensure things are moving along as planned.

From trim and corners to eaves and roof lines, we cover it all.

Professional painting

Whether you need the inside or outside of your home painted, we have the experience to get the job done. At B. Young Home Renovation we understand what goes into a great paint job. It’s more than clean cuts and smooth lines. It’s also about being on time and job site management, which means we show up and leave on time and we clean up after ourselves each day – so you don’t have to.

Take back your weekends and free time and leave the painting to us. Give us a call or shoot us an email for an estimate on your project today.

Safety glasses required.

Expert Tiling
Whether it’s the entry, bath, or kitchen back splash, tile has a way of pulling a room or space together. Putting your job in the right hands means you get results you love – every time.

Our tile masters understand the complexities and finer points of tiling. From cutting hard and synthetic stone, making the tough cuts, creating perfect grout lines, and tile layout – we know tile and we do the job right!

If it’s broke, fix it!

Repairs done right
Regardless if you have a new house or one that’s 100 years old, home repairs are part of home ownership. You can choose to take them on yourself, or you can leave it to the pros.

We understand the headaches home repairs can cause. That’s why we do our homework first. Before we bring in the tools we want to fully understand the issue and the necessary steps to fix it. And like all our services, we clean up after ourselves each day and leave only the distant memory of the home repair behind in the end.

Putting in the elbow grease.

What was old is new again
When it comes to creating the picture perfect home, remodeling can often be a smart move. An even smarter move is calling in the professionals.

Remodeling projects tend to take on a life of their own and unless this is what  you do for a living, it can become quite consuming.

That’s where the pros of B. Young Home Renovation come into the picture. We’re there from day one to make sure your project stays on budget and on schedule. And if surprises come up, as they often do in remodeling, we talk it over with you before moving forward. You’re as involved as you want to be without having to give up your day job.

Adding up the numbers.

When it comes to home repairs, painting, tiling and remodeling at B.Young Home Renovation we know no two jobs are the same. That’s why we prefer to visit the job site, talk to the client and familiarize ourselves with the project before doing the estimate.

If however you’re on your way to Antiqua for a month and want the work done while you’re away, we’re happy to provide you with a verbal estimate with the understanding that things may change once work begins. Of course if it did change, you’d be the first to know.

E-mail or call us today to schedule your estimate at 720.629.2391. We look forward to working with you.